Thursday, April 7, 2016

DUI Lawyer in Rancho Cordova Discusses Penalties With a DUI Charge

Being charged with a DUI is no laughing matter. The smartest move you could make would be to immediately call a criminal defense attorney in Rancho Cordova to assist you in your difficult situation. Your lawyer will be extremely vital in presenting your case and drastically improving your odds of a favorable outcome including lessening the penalties against you or even getting your case dismissed. Minimum Penalty If convicted, at the very least, you will be made to pay fines and penalty assessments totaling approximately $2400 – depending on the county of conviction. There can be other monetary penalties levied as well. Apart from the significant financial setback, you may also be facing a 48-hour jail sentence. Depending on the aggravating circumstances, if any, this can be made even worse by having your license suspended or restricted.

How a Sacramento Expungement Lawyer Helps Clear Your Criminal Record

After serving a sentence for a criminal offence, most individuals are excited for the opportunity to start afresh. More often than not, though, the real situation is a very tough for ex-convicts. It may be hard for them to move into a new neighborhood and find employment, because they are being profiled for their criminal record. There may be a way to make things easier, however. In California, specifically, there is a recognized legal way to clean up a person’s criminal record. To explore this option, you would want to talk to a criminal record expungement attorney in Sacramento. Expungement Defined In a nutshell, this process of expungement legally sets aside your conviction and dismisses the charges. The process entailed for the state of California, however, is a bit more different than in other states.