Saturday, March 12, 2016

Don't Represent Yourself in Court, Get a Rancho Cordova DUI Attorney

A DUI conviction carries serious penalties. Going it alone, without a qualified attorney, isn’t like defending yourself from a speeding ticket or illegal lane change violation. A DUI can have serious ramifications on your life for years to come which means you should have an attorney by your side throughout the process.

Your Attorney Will Check for Flaws in the Evidence Against You

A Ranch Cordova DUI attorney will look at the case against you in an effort to cast doubt on any evidence used to file charges. For instance, a breath test could have been conducted improperly or too long after you had your last drink. Officers may look to see if you were slurring your words or having trouble standing when deciding to take you into custody. However, you could have been having trouble standing because of your age or a medical condition, which isn’t proof of impaired driving.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Expungements: How an Expungement Attorney Can Help Released Convicts

After a person suffers a criminal conviction, he may have the option to have his records expunged. Clearing the history can give a convicted individual a fresh start on life, and it can also help save the American public money.

Good for the Economy

Employers might be reluctant to hire someone with a record, but this problem can be minimized with help from a criminal record expungement attorney in Sacramento. Depending on the offense, it may be possible to have a case dismissed and allow you to legally say you have no criminal history. That makes people with prior records more employable. Rather than being a burden on society, they can support themselves, improve their self-esteem and even contribute to the tax base.