Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Expungement Lawyer: What “Case Dismissed” Means for a Probationer

What does it mean to be placed on probation?

Probation is granted when the facts relevant to the crime, and its gravity, suggest that the probationer doesn’t pose a serious threat to society, and that lengthy imprisonment is not a reasonable punishment. If you plead guilty to a charge, a judge may grant you probation.  As a condition of probation you may be required to serve a jail sentence as well as other conditions, such as paying a fine.  The judge may suspend a jail sentence all together.  This means that the Court postponed judgment of incarceration for a time, allowing you to serve your sentence out of jail in relative freedom. If you do conform to all probationary terms and steer clear of trouble, once the probationary period is complete, you can withdraw your guily plea and enter a plea of “not guilty.”

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