Thursday, June 7, 2012

CACJ Legislative Update



California Attorneys for Criminal Justice Legislative Update

The "first house" deadline this past week marks a significant milestone in the legislative process.  Below are a few bills that CACJ is helping move through Legislature. CACJ has supported and assisted in the effort to garner enough votes for these bills to pass their "first house", or their house of origin. The bills will now move to the policy committees of their "second house" - Assembly bills will move to the Senate and Senate bills will move to the Assembly.
AB 1831 (Dickinson D)   Local government: hiring practices.
The bill would remove the criminal background check requirement from job applications for local government employees. The bill would exempt any agency required by law to conduct a criminal history background check and any criminal justice agency. Furthermore, the bill would not prohibit a background check provided if the employer has confirmed the applicant meets minimum application standards. Click here for the full bill language.
AB 1993 (Ma D)   Vehicles: towing and impoundment: unlicensed drivers.
This bill prohibits a peace officer from towing and impounding a vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver if the vehicle is turned over to a licensed driver who is with the driver at the time of the stop or who can appear at the scene within a reasonable amount of time. Click here for the full bill language.
AB 2040 (Swanson D)   Juvenile prostitution: human trafficking: expungement.
This bill allows a person who was adjudicated as a ward of the court, upon reaching 18 years of age, to petition the court to have his or her record sealed without having to show that he or she has not been convicted of a subsequent crime involving moral turpitude, or that rehabilitation has been attained. This bill applies retroactively. Click here for the full bill language.
AB 2312 (Ammiano D)   Controlled substances.
This bill authorizes local taxes on medical cannabis up to 5% and creates a nine-member Board of Medical Marijuana Enforcement (BMME) to regulate the medical cannabis industry and to collect fees from medical cannabis businesses to be deposited in a new Medical Marijuana Fund. Click here for the full bill language.
SB 1434 (Leno D)   Location information: warrants.
This bill would prohibit a government entity from obtaining the location information of an electronic device without a valid search warrant.  Click here for the full bill language.
SB 1462 (Leno D)   County sheriffs: release of prisoners: medical release.
This bill would authorize the sheriff to release a prisoner from a county jail if the prisoner is deemed to have a life expectancy of 6 months or less, provided the sheriff determines that the prisoner would not reasonably pose a threat to public safety and gives specified notice to the superior court. The bill would also require the county to continue paying the nonfederal share of a prisoner's or probationer's Medi-Cal costs. Click here for the full bill language.

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