Tuesday, February 7, 2012

update on change to Penal Code section 290.46

Penal Code section 290.46 deals with whether or not a person has can be put on the Megan's law website. January 1, 2012 Penal Code section 290.46(e)(4) was modified to state "no person shall be excluded pursuant to this subdivision unless the offender has submitted to the department documentation sufficient for the department to determine that he or she has a SARATSO risk level of low or moderate-low.

I have spoken with the Attorney General's office. I have been informed that any one who has NOT been given a SARATSO score to date will NOT BE REVIEWED and does not have to submit anything. This means that most persons who have already been excluded and were got given a Static 99 score by probation or parole will remain excluded.

Anyone that has a score will be reviewed to determine if that score is low or moderate-low.

If you have any questions about this be sure to give me a call at (916)932-7150 to find out what, if anything, you need to do to remain excluded from the Megan's law website.

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