Saturday, February 18, 2012

Communication - the key to success

- Communication - the key to success.

When I can I like to use Fridays to visit clients (whether in custody or out), return phone calls and answer emails. This often leads to a feeling that it's not very productive time. But the truth is, it is some of the most important time spent.

It is often easy to forget that clients are anxious, frightened and very nervous. These emotions adversely impact a person’s ability to understand complex legal issues and fully appreciate their legal predicament. Lawyers have spent years learning the language, studying the law and analyzing the various scenarios. We some times forget that our clients just don't know what we know. And that the only way they will understand what is going to happen to them is for us to take the time to explain it. In truth we often need to explain it more then once and in different ways. The fear and anxiety of the situation often prevent a person from comprehending the true nature of the problem on the first go around. Especially early in the process people may be going through denial and hampered with hearing what they want to hear. They will often grasp on to one piece of favorable information to the exclusion of all else.

It is my belief and the philosophy of the Chastaine Law Office to do everything we can to help a client understand their situation and to help them make informed decisions. I specifically did not say the "right" decision because what is "right" for them may be different then what I think they should do. More then once I have been wrong about a judgment call. As I often tell clients, I'm not their dad, I'm their lawyer and my job is to give them as much information as I can so they can make an informed decision. Of course, I will offer my opinion about what they should do, but I always make sure that they understand that while we are a team they have to make the final call and I will support that decision.

To this end we endeavor to take as much time as needed to explain the issues, the facts and the options. We strive to be patient and to be willing to explain the issues as often as necessary. To be understanding of the clients concerns and to do everything we can to address those concerns. While we can not guarantee that we will always obtain the outcome the client wants, we can promise that we will do our best to achieve the most favorable outcome possible and to do our best to understand the clients goals.

At the Chastaine Law Office is all about the client.

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