Monday, January 30, 2012

Possible changes in the law for 290.

In my opinion one of the biggest problems with the California sex offender registration laws if that it puts everyone, regardless of offense into the same pot. If you are required to register it's for life. California is one of the few states that currently has life time registration for all sex offenders no matter the nature of the crime or how long ago the crime occurred. The California Attorney's for Criminal Justice has been promoting a change to allow people to get off the sex offender roles after a period of time.

Finally there is a bill that would make this a reality. AB 625 is a tiered sex offender registration bill that is being supported by the California Attorney's for Criminal Justice as well as members of the Department of Justice. This is an important bill that will allow some people who have to register to get off the 290 roles. The details are still in flux, but for many this will be the ticket to a more productive life. Stay tune for more developments as this bill works it's way through the legislature.

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